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Engine Parts for John Deere Model 1010 Diesel


T16162T Block, Good condition with no breaks or repairs, includes main bearing caps, $125

AT18147T Connecting rod with used bearing, $35 each three available

AT18147T Connecting rod with used bearing, Usable, but rod has significan pitting, $15 or free with the three rods shown above

AT21049 (AT21049T) Crankshaft with T500T gear, very good condition, includes set of good used main bearings, $180


Two views of T19433T Crankshaft pulley, $60


AT15267T Flywheel (T17153T) with ring gear (T12087T) , $60
Note: See Transmission parts page for clutch disk and pressure plate

T511T Special cap screw flywheel to crankshaft, $2 each
T19410T Lock, $2 each

T12186T Holder plate, $4 each

T11140T and T11141T Head bolts, $3 each

AT339T Push rod, $12 each

T12848T Camshaft with significant pitting on shaft and some pitting on T19071T gear, Free with any order

T175T Tappet, five available, $8 each

T708T cover, $9

T534T cover, $7

AT14500 (AT14500T) Gear cover, front of engine, $20

T501T Front oil seal plate, $12

T659T Rear oil seal housing, $18

T15535T Engine rear cover, $25

T13159T Starter motor adaptor, $15

T15017T Oil pan, no breaks or repairs, $50

T12213T (AT14450T) Valve cover, no breaks or repairs, $40


Exhaust manifold clamps, One T13377T and two T13378T are used, $20 set of three

T11190T Air intake manifold, no breaks or repairs, $60

Engine primer starting aid:

AT15808T Line, $20
T18630T special cap screw with special washers, $25/ set of three
T18012T Coupling, $5


Fuel Injection line #2 AT13732T, $15

Fuel Injection line #3 AT13729T, $15

Fuel Injection line #4 AT13729T, $15



Fuel Filter assembly (Includes T13263T (AT15065T) Fuel filter head, T12872T fuel filter case, and repaired T11179T bottom clamp), $50

AT13631T Shield on top of engine, $15

AT13631T Shield on top of engine with T15635T shield, $20


AT13629T Bracket, $10

AT13630T Bracket, $10

Engine vent tube, AT12299T, $20

AT326T Oil pump strainer, $30

AT14072T (T15782T) Oil pump body with all other associated parts. Tested and pumps well, $100

AT12961T Dipstick and oil cap, $15

Oil filter assembly with T12455T base, includes both top and bottom sealing plates, very good condition, $45

T16671T Oil pressure switch adaptor, $8


AT13494T speed control tube and and AT16822T lever and knob, $25

T15181T rod with ball coupling, $15


Speed control bracket assembly including M2023T, T15115T, M1858T, AT13496T, M2097T, and T18371T, $25

Throttle control pieces including AT14819T, T15305T, and T15503T, $25



T15302T, Injection pump control rod, $16

T15310T Thermostat cover, $20

T15578T water outlet with T19652T elbow, $25

T17253T Water inlet elbow, $15

AT14084T fan (Diesel), $20

AT17447T tachometer, looks okay, but face and glass may need replacing, $20

AT17503T Tach cable with sheath, no cable inside the sheath. Free with the tachometer


Rod inside dash support