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Supplying Used parts for these tractors :

JD LU series engine parts, including LUC

JD Styled B
JD Unstyled B, BR, BO
JD Styled A
Unstyled A, AR, and AO
John Deere Model 50

JD M and MT
JD Model 40
JD 420, 430, 440 Dubuque Tractors
JD Model 1010

John Deere D
John Deere GP
John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractor parts
Some Miscellaneous John Deere parts


Allis-Chalmers B, C, and CA
Allis-Chalmers G

Massey-Harris Pony

Farmall Cub
Farmall A, B, C
Miscellaneous IHC Parts

Cushman Cub gas engine parts

Ford N Series plus Jubilee, 600, 700 - Carburetors, Belt pulley, Front rims
Silver King
Oliver 60
Oliver 66

Tires and Wheels- Good new and used tractor tires for sale, also wheels to fit many makes and models

Wheel Weights for John Deere L, LA, M, MT, Alllis-Chalmers B and C, and Case VAC

Miscellaneous parts for other tractor models

Literature for Tractors: Operators Manuals, Parts Catalogs, Service Manuals, Collector's Books

Rusty Acres Ranch is a working English walnut ranch located in the Sacramento Valley of California just north of the town of Woodland. In addition to producing walnuts, I collect and restore old tractors. Most of my collection are John Deere's from the 1930's through the 1950's, but I also have some Oliver and Massey-Harris tractors from the same era, as well as one lunger engines and a 1924 Fageol.


Tractors For



Other Items For Sale

John Deere Model 820 Tractor, Runs Great! Also available: matching four bottom John Deere plow

John Deere BWH 1945 with 40 inch spoke wheels, has all the correct BWH parts, needs restoration, $2400

John Deere BWH, 1946, rough, but has all correct BWH specific parts except for rear wheels, $950

Ferguson TO-35, good working tractor for your ranchette - $2500

Older implements -Cheap and great for Yard Art and Decoration

Various steel wheels and other front and rear wheels for tractors, also GOOD NEW and USED TIRES


Local Tractor Clubs and Some Tractor Information


Information about Branch 158, Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association and our upcoming shows

John Deere Carburetor Identification from JD Field Service Bulletin #FSB182-S, August 1951 !

Wiring Diagram for the John Deere L and LA tractor

Also- a history of the Fageol Tractor

Part of My Personal Collection


What is it?

We started on this unstyled John Deere AWH in May 2008

We completed the 1950 John Deere AH High Crop Tractor in April 2008

Completed restoration on the 1937 John Deere BI, an industrial tractor that went through a fire. View our step by step progress!

A very special tractor is the 1938 John Deere B that Matt and I finished in April 2007. It was bought new by my grandfather in 1938.

2005-2006 restoration project is my early John Deere GPO

The mechanical restoration of the 1946 JD BO Lindeman has been completed

a John Deere 820

Restoration of my John Deere HNH was finished in February 2004

I finished my Oliver 60 Industrial in January 2002

Check out my unstyled Setscrew JD BW , JD 430 Hi-Crop , and JD 420 Hi-Crop.

Looking for more? - Here are some of my favorites links to other tractor related web sites - Take a look!


These pages are always under construction and were last modified on 1 October 2021. I am always adding something new. Check back often!


-John Boehm

John (with beard) behind the tractor at Colusa Farm Days 2004

Kathy on a tractor hunting expedition

We ended up buying the LA's in the above photo- Here are five John Deere LA's and two LUC engines all on one trailerload!

Matt Boehm and his 1940 Model H that he restored as a project in his Ag Mechanic class at Lee Jr. High School.

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